Manga introduction

The game has become real, the world rules have been flipped, and we've entered a new era where we're players in the world game. The only way to level up is to get stronger, and the only way to win is to rise to the top. On the day of the world game's merge, Lin Moyue picked the hidden class, Necromancer. After that, he would only die when all of his summoned creatures died. "I'm on the throne of bones, the God of the dead, and I walk between life and death. I'm a walking disaster!"

Associated Names

《Catastrophic Necromancer》,《Disastrous Necromancer》,《Necromancer: King of the Scourge》,《Necromancer: Rei dos Mortos》,《Scourge Necromancer》,《Si Ling Fashi! Wo Ji Shi Tianzai》,《死灵法师!我即是天灾》



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